To Blend Or Not To Blend, It's Not A Question.

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) recently surveyed the five major paint manufacturers as to what their recommendations were on adjacent panel blending and tint matching.  SCRS has posted the responses to the four following questions by each manufacturer and their recommendations on how to achieve an undetectable repair.

1. Is blending the basecoat recommended by your company to achieve proper color match between panels?

2. Is tinting the basecoat material a recommended procedure to achieve a proper color match to the vehicle's existing refinish?

3. Are procedures such as tinting and blending commonly performed in conjunction with each other, or are they redundant processes?

4. Does your company recommend performing one, or both, of these processes to achieve a proper color match on the repaired vehicle?

The survey found that all manufacturers had the same recommendation of first checking color codes and variants and blending the chosen color into the adjacent panel for a proper match.  If tinting is required the same blending recommendation still applies.  Tint the color to a blendable match and then blend any adjacent panels for a proper match.


source Bodyshop Business  SCRS